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A few of our Family Crests, aka "Coats of Arms" (Click to enlarge)

Zuber: Tatum: Nevins: Varner:  
Hawkins: Watson:      


Our favorite interest and pursuit is family-related.  Now in retirement, we seek to spend more time than ever with our beloved relatives, and to learn more about our ancestry.

The local Varner clan descended from, of course, a line of Varners; in addition, we descend from a line of the Lee family, the Tatum family, the Zuber family and the Martin family.  As things have developed, our predominant contact has been with our Tatum kin and ancestors.

In our genealogical research, we have traced our Tatum, Zuber, Martin and Varner lines back a good bit, in particular the Tatum and Zuber lines. 

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