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Women Employees at the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation's Southeastern Shipyard in Savannah

Because so many able-bodied men served in the military during WWII, many thousands of women were trained to work in USA defense manufacturing locations during that period.  At peak production, some 2,000 women worked at Southeastern.  (Reference)  A popular song in 1942 entitled "Rosie the Riveter" - about a woman riveter in a defense plant, came to be applied to all women who worked in factories during WWII.

This site's webmaster was happy to make the acquaintance of a real-live "Rosie the Riveter" - Lucretia Jane Tucker of Rome, GA in September 2010, who worked as a welder in the Savannah Shipbuilding Corporation's Southeastern Shipyard, making Liberty Ships for the USA's war effort.

In June 1943 Lucretia (age 16), her sister Betty (age 17) and their mother Iris Tucker rode by train from their home in Lineville, AL to Savannah.  There, they applied to work at SSC and were immediately hired.  After 6 weeks' training, they were declared master welders, and worked for the duration of SSC's mission.  Afterward, returning home Lucretia finished high school, entered and graduated from college, and retired years later as a dental hygienist.  Today, she lives happily in Rome, GA.

A link to the US Rosie the Riveter Association website follows:


Photo of a "Rosie the Riveter" tribute at the WWII Memorial on Savannah's River Street:
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Important Document about Lucretia Jane Tucker and her family >>>>>> Lucretia Jane Tucker

Some photos of Lucretia Tucker:

1944 (age 17) 2010


Reference:  On the Swing Shift  (2009, Tony Cope author, pub. by Naval Institute Press.)

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