From an article in the “Savannah Morning News” dated December 28, 1942 (transcribed by Charles E. Varner)


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Josiah Tattnall, Moses Rogers Grove to Be Relief


Recently completed Josiah Tattnall and Moses Rogers Grove housing projects built for the Southeastern Shipyard workers are expected to be ready for occupancy the first of this week, Horace Stillwell, manager of the Housing Authority of Savannah, announced.

Bids for landscaping grounds of the projects will be asked for today and will be opened January 13, Mr. Stillwell announced.

Units of both projects have hardwood floors throughout and painted plaster ceilings and walls.  They will be heated by coal circulating heaters and will have linoleum on the floors of kitchens and bathrooms.

All grounds surrounding the units are to be open, without fences, it was said, and sidewalks and streets are paved with concrete.  Poles and hooks for laundry lines will be furnished by the project.

Josiah Tattnall project, located near Twickenham Terrace, is composed of 750 demountable units.  Within walking distance of Southeastern Shipyards, the project is also situated near street car lines going into Savannah proper.  All units will be equipped with has hot water heaters and kitchen ranges.

Water and cooking facilities for the Moses Rogers project, situated within a few hundred yards of the shipyards, will be fueled with coal.  These units are semi-permanent and of frame construction.

Projects have been completed except for sewerage for several weeks.  As only a few details remain before sewerage is completely installed, it is expected that workers will begin to move in units the first of this week.  Espy Paving and Construction Company are contractors for the construction of sewers.