How visitors may strengthen the initiative to have Savannah's Pine Gardens Neighborhood listed on the National Register of Historic Districts:

Please provide the webmaster (coordinates at bottom of page) with any of the following that you can:

1.  Vintage photo of any early Pine Gardens homes, businesses, Riverside Baptist Church, and/or Eli Whitney School.

2.  Photo of any home or business/church/school under construction.

3.  Any photos showing any part of Pine Gardens made before the subsequent construction there occurred.

4.  Any records relative to the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation, especially as it relates to the creation of Pine Gardens, Moses Rogers Ridge, or Josiah Tattnall Homes.

5.  Provide known dates for the construction of any PG houses, including year and street address.

6.  Did the developer do any particular landscaping during or before the construction phase?

7.  Did the City of Savannah install any services (water, electricity, sewer, drainage?) in exchange for deeds to the streets?

8.  Provide a photo of "Rosin Field" prior to the construction of Eli Whitney School.

9.   .........

....... go  be continued ........



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