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The "Double Dickel Social Club" (or, DDSC) is a loose-knit group of people having a common interest in Hilton Head Island, SC and surrounding towns and communities.  Many of us own condominiums at the Hilton Head Resort.

Though many of us have our prime residences hundreds of miles away, we enjoy getting together when we can, for fun, fellowship and information sharing.

We came into begin on February 29, 2004.  Here is how it happened:

A group of 6 (I - the webmaster listed below -  and my wife, Cookie, included) went on an afternoon sailboat excursion on the "Flying Circus," out of Palmetto Bay Marina on Hilton Head Island. Following the excursion, Cookie and I invited the others to our condo for a visit and a "happy hour." It was fun. Everyone, except for me, was nibbling goodies and drinking Brandy Alexanders. Someone asked Cookie what I was drinking, and she responded, using - incorrectly - a line out of the Michael Douglas movie "Wonder Boys." She said I was drinking a "double Dickel on the rocks." (I was actually drinking just a little of the "George Dickel" Tennessee whisky, on ice with lots of water.) Anyway, everyone was having lots of fun, and someone said, "I think we should have a Double Dickel Social Club." So, we did.

In addition to having parties, excursions and socials together, we frequently share information about recreational, social and cultural opportunities that we hear about or have experienced.

Want to become a DDSC member, and join in the fun?  Join our DDSC Yahoo! News Forum (see below), attend one of our social events, and tell us you'd like to join.  I'll run it by the committee, and they will approve; a week or so later, we'll issue your membership card.  DDSC has no membership dues, as all of our events are self-supporting.

To read a list of the good times we have had together, click here.

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Dec. 30, 2004          Click here to enlarge Dec. 30, 2004            Click here to enlarge Click here to enlarge Feb. 29, 2004              Click here to enlarge
Feb. 29, 2004             Click here to enlarge Click here to enlarge Dec. 30, 2004             Click here to enlarge June 5, 2005                Click here to enlarge


Some of our favorite cultural,  recreational and educational web sites are:

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina SC Repertory Company HHI's Coligny Theatre Savannah's "Lucas Theatre"
Savannah's "Savannah Theatre" Savannah's "Trustees Theatre" Savannah Sand Gnats (minor league baseball) Hilton Head Orchestra
Wilderness Southeast Kayak with the "Swamp Girls" "Southsport" (Canoe excursions)  


To contact this site's Proprietor: Join our "Double Dickel Social Club" news group.  (Enter your e-mail address below, then click "Yahoo!")    

Charles Varner  -  663 William Hilton Parkway  -  Unit 1107  -  Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Phone: (843) 785-9680   


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